Der Innenhof des Kloster Dalheims, © Tourismus NRW

Bauhaus 100 in the West

North Rhine-Westphalia celebrates the centenary

The creative drive of the Bauhaus movement extended to far more than just new forms of architecture and product designs. In North Rhine-Westphalia, a hitherto unique series of exhibitions and events will present the reformist ideas and the impact of the Bauhaus throughout 2019, the centenary year of the movement. The topics range from the applied arts to industrial architecture, from fashion to the satellite city, from the yearning for democracy to exile.

In the high population cities, which at that time were undergoing a period of expansion, the Bauhaus concept and its preliminary and branch movements, as well as the developments that came after it, made a stronger impact on architecture and urban building than in almost any other federal state in Germany. Here, many examples of the “Neues Bauen” (“new building”) can be seen.

Many of those involved in the project have laid out themed tour routes, designed guided tours and put together package offers especially for the centenary year. From the so-called “Bauhaus Dreiklang” (“Bauhaus triad”) cities - Essen, Hagen and Krefeld - to other interesting sites of this design movement that had a worldwide impact, NRW invites visitors on a journey of discovery. We are the Bauhaus state.