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Biele­feld - his­tor­ic­al city

Largest city in the Teuto­burg Forest

You can ex­per­i­ence his­tory up close in the his­tor­ic towns in the Teuto­burg Forest. Wheth­er it’s Spar­ren­burg, the cathed­ral or simply a jazz club – nearly everything here en­joys a long tra­di­tion.

With more than 300,000 in­hab­it­ants Biele­feld is the largest city in the North Rhine-West­phali­an Teuto­burg Forest hol­i­day re­gion. Es­pe­cially worth­while is a trip to the Alt­stadt (?Old Town?) of this his­tor­ic­al city, which is steeped in tra­di­tion and sees its first re­cor­ded men­tion in the 9th cen­tury.

The his­tor­ic­al old mar­ket square, with its an­cient façades and mighty gables, is more than just a pretty face. It is also the corner­stone of event high­lights such as the Biele­feld Nachtansicht­en (an ?open night? at many cul­tur­al in­sti­tu­tions), Leineweber­markt (?Lin­en Weaver Mar­ket?), wine mar­ket and Christ­mas mar­ket. Also the Kun­sthalle Biele­feld (art gal­lery) with its hall of mod­ern and con­tem­por­ary art ex­hib­i­tions truly are a high­light for cul­ture lov­ing vis­it­ors of Biele­feld.

Ravens­berg spin­ning mill

Lin­en spin­ning and weav­ing once laid the found­a­tions for Biele­feld?s prosper­ity. These his­tor­ic­al trades are still evid­ent today in many old and in­ter­est­ing factor­ies and castle-like build­ings, in­clud­ing the lis­ted Ravens­berg spin­ning mill. The his­tor­ic­al mill has also de­veloped in­to a meet­ing point for art and cul­ture lov­ers.

Con­certs, cab­aret and talk shows are held in both the build­ings and the park on the site of the former spin­ning mill, as are private and cor­por­ate events, such as con­fer­ences, sem­inars and com­pany present­a­tions. The event halls, Ringlok­schup­pen and Stadthalle Biele­feld, are just as mul­ti­func­tion­al in their use as ven­ues for cul­tur­al, als also with busi­ness events.

Though lin­en spin­ning is now a thing of the past, Biele­feld is now an im­port­ant loc­a­tion in the food in­dustry. The well-known brand Dr. Oetker is headquartered here. Ap­pro­pri­ately enough, the city also of­fers city sight­see­ing tours along the theme of ?Rund um den Pud­ding? (?All About Pud­ding?), which in­clude a tour of Dr. Oetker World.

Spar­ren­burg Biele­feld

Biele­feld is also an ideal start­ing point for ex­cur­sions in­to the sur­round­ing Teuto­burg Forest. Some 580 kilo­metres of trails in and around Biele­feld in­vite vis­it­ors to en­joy re­lax­ing walks in the green ex­panse of the coun­tryside. The most fam­ous among them is the Her­mannsweg Trail, which leads dir­ectly through down­town Biele­feld up to the city?s most fam­ous and his­tor­ic­al land­mark: Spar­ren­burg perches high above the city and even if you can?t make the worth­while trip to the an­nu­al Spar­ren­burg me­di­ev­al fest­iv­al, the view from the 37-metre high castle tower is simply mag­ni­fi­cent. Oth­er great des­tin­a­tions for young fam­il­ies es­pe­cially are only a hop, skip and a jump away from Biele­feld.


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Am alten Rathaus, © Bielefeld Marketing GmbH
Der Jahnplatz in der Nacht, © Bielefeld Marketing GmbH
Sparrenburg: Wahrzeichen von Bielefeld, © Topel, Bielefeld Marketing GmbH
Panorama-Johannisberg, © Bielefeld Marketing GmbH
Die Ravensberger Spinnerei bei Nacht, © Bielefeld Marketing GmbH
Ansicht auf die Stadthalle, © Mike Rehm
Kunsthalle in Bielefeld, © Marc Detering

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