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Dream­ily bright Biele­feld

A har­mo­ni­ous mer­ger of big-city flair and nature idyll

When the wind is blowing in the right direction, visitors to Bielefeld may discover a slight vanilla scent in the air. Bielefeld residents are then immediately aware that Dr. Oetker’s machines are producing at full speed again in the town that is the family-owned company’s home base. The East Westphalian metropolis is special even without its extraordinary scent, however. Diverse natural landscapes meet medieval castle flair, and a romantic old town meets the urban scene in this city in the Teutoburg Forest.

Sparrenburg Bielefeld, © Franziska Beckmann | @bielefeld_places

The most spec­tac­u­lar view of the city

Let your day end amidst the old walls

The Sparrenburg castle is Bielefeld’s landmark. The most spectacular view of the city can be found up here at any time of the day or night. Anyone who strives for particularly lofty heights can even climb the tower. Curious visitors can discover the medieval fortress in a guided tour, while the promenade offers numerous green spots for picnics or a beer with friends or colleagues.

Johannisberg Bielefeld, © @jens.flachmann

Idyll­ic and calm spots

From the zoo, to the vine­yard, to the year of 1850

On the other side of the city, the Heimat-Tierpark Olderdissen awaits on the Johannisberg. About 450 animals, including birds of prey, wolves, and bears have their homes here. The park invites visitors on a walk along the enclosures in any season. Some of the residents – such as the highland cattle or donkeys – will welcome visitors particularly warmly after they took a detour to the feed vending machines. Guests in need of a culinary refreshment themselves can visit the cosy Meierhof for a rest.

Westphalia’s oldest open-air museum is within walking distance as well. The small village of the Bauernhofmuseum with a number of exhibitions that teach visitors about rural life around 1850 in an easily comprehensible manner is a popular destination. Buildings like the Bockwinkelmühle mill, the rustic baking house, and the beehouse are true eye-catchers and popular photo motifs. Anyone who is curious about typical Westphalian specialities such as Pickert should plan to stop at the museum café.

The East Westphalian town even has its own small vineyard. A walk through the green park landscape ensures unadulterated holiday feeling, and the grapes on the southern slope offer a particularly idyllic view when they shine brightly in the sunlight.

Old town Bielefeld, © Jens Flachmann

Ro­mantic and trendy corners

His­tor­ic­al old town meets the urb­an scene

Down from the mountain, into the city: Bielefeld’s historical city centre – its cosy and winding old town – certainly draws attention with the historical buildings crowding on narrow space there. The heart of the old town is beating at the 'Alter Markt' year-round. Many cafés, wine bars, and restaurants sell local delicacies to the guests.

The bar triangle at the Emil-Groß-Platz mostly attracts a younger audience. Culinary enthusiasts can enjoy a great many specialities such as sushi, tapas, or vegan dishes here. “Das Cutie” plays music far from the mainstream, is particularly popular among students, and can grow quite heated during the legendary bingo nights.

Gas balls Bielefeld, © @jens.flachmann

Tech­nic­al monu­ments or ali­en UFOs?

A secret photo spot: old spher­ic­al glass con­tain­ers

The Bethel district houses two very special historical treasures in the form of old spherical glass containers. One of them even is the oldest one of its kind in the world. Spotting them for the first time on a walk, you may feel as if you were watching aliens on a trip to Bielefeld. The containers turn into true photo highlights in twilight or fog.

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