Rothaarsteig Wisent World Bad Berleburg, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Tour 3: A tour of ex­tremes - wis­ents by moon­light and a night sky walk

Along the Sky­walk through the wis­ent wil­der­ness on the tree­top path

On the third tour, anyone with enough courage can look out over the Wesertal valley from the Hannoversche Klippen rocks, explore the world of the wisents by night and take a walk high up above the treetops of the Bergisches Land region.

Bruchhauser stones panorama sun, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Kneipp treat­ments and a moon­light walk

From the 360-de­gree view to the “sens­ory trail”

The second day also takes visitors up high. The Lörmecketurm tower in the Arnsberger Wald forest nature park in Warstein is a unique structure, and the symbol of the “Sauerland Waldroute” forest route. After climbing the 204 steps up the top, visitors are rewarded with a 360-degree view over the treetops of the Hochsauerland region over to the Teutoburger Wald forest.

Hikers and leisurely walkers also have a good view onto the Sauerland region from the Bruchhauser Steine rocks in Olsberg. Situated on the Rothaarsteig hiking trail, Olsberg is a good starting point for numerous tours and walks. A particularly popular trail is the “Olsberger Kneippweg”, which takes visitors on a very special nature experience. Trained Kneipp trail guides are on hand to take visitors to special Kneipp energy sites, and to explain the different Kneipp treatments and their beneficial effects. After that, it’s time to take off your shoes and tread water!

When dusk falls and the moon appears in the sky, it’s the perfect time to take a moonlight walk in the wisent wilderness near Bad Berleburg. Visitors can observe wisents between rocks, streams and forests, and enjoy the night silence in a very special atmosphere. Participants are welcome to bring a torch with them! | |

The Weser Skywalk at the Hanover Cliffs, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

From the Middle Ages to the ice age

Princely world cul­tur­al her­it­age and the mag­ni­fi­cent Ex­tern­steine rocks

The third nature experience tour starts high up above the Wesertal valley. On the red-brown rocks of the Hannoversche Klippen, hikers and leisurely walkers can enjoy a breathtaking view onto the Teutoburger Wald forest on the Weser Skywalk. Since the rocks heat up strongly during the day, and store the heat during the night, they have become a habitat for animals that are otherwise only found in warmer climates. Sand lizards, smooth snakes and more than 500 types of butterfly have made their home here. 

Schloss Corvey palace lies on the bend of the Weser river between Höxter and Holzminden. It is Westphalia’s first UNESCO world cultural heritage site, and combines art, culture, architecture and history. Visitors to the palace already feel the peace and calm that it emanates at the entrance. The baroque palace complex includes the sumptuous “Kaisersaal” emperor’s hall and magnificent residential rooms, as well as the oldest and Carolingian westwork in existence, and the only one that has been largely preserved.

From this impressive world cultural heritage site from the early Middle Ages, the tour continues to even older relics from a bygone era. The Externsteine rocks are sandstone giants that were formed into their unusual shapes over millions of years. The stone giants tower out of the earth and are reflected in the surrounding pools. Dry upland heath grows in the nature conservation area, while the landscape is dominated by moors and is home to rare stag beetles. | |

Biggesee in Attendorn mit der Aussichtsplattform Biggeblick , © Tourismus NRW e.V.

High above the Sauer­land and Ber­gisches Land re­gions

Sky­walk Bigge­see and the Panar­bora tree­top path

The final day of the nature tour is not suitable for people with a fear of heights, since now, the tour takes a particularly high upward turn. Towering 90 meters above the ground, the “Biggeblick” viewing platform in the Waldenburger Bucht in the Sauerland region above the Biggesee lake offers a spectacular view out onto the reservoir, the Gilberginsel island, the Waldenburg castle ruins and the surrounding forests. Here, there is a very special atmosphere at dusk, when the platform is illuminated in a blue light.  

For anyone wanting more views and beautiful vistas after the final stop, the Panarbora nature experience park offers a path through the treetops in Waldbröl. At six activity stations 23 meters above the ground, visitors can learn about the nature in the Bergischer Wald forest. The highest point is the viewing tower, 40 meters above the ground, with a great view out over the Bergisches Land region. |