Illustration Cologne Cathedral, © Saskia Wragge

The sound of Co­logne

Cologne sounds good, even though it may not look like that everywhere. The first glance goes to the Dome, but what about the second? It is advisable to keep your ears open, because the dome city is, without a doubt, the underdog among the German music cities. At the beginning there was Can, who was inspired by Karlheinz Stockhausen’s “Kölner Klassen für Neue Musik”.

Many other important musical histories started here. You will learn how and where everything went from there in a digital tour through the pop musical Cologne. Simply choose a Walk that will lead you to the carefully selected spots in Cologne. If you’d rather just browse around, select the proximity search. Read about everything in detail from A as in A-Musik to Z as in Zeltinger Band and what happened in the city in the past decades with regards to rock and popmusic.

This is the sound of Co­logne

Sound of #urb­a­nana

Urbanana Köln-LeBloc Sonic Ballroom, © Georg-Hopp alias Fänger der Zeit


All the main­stays that mani­fes­ted Co­logne's repu­ta­tion as a min­im­al and Krautrock epi­tome, cu­mu­lated in one route.

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Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld, © Ole Löding

Prox­im­ity Search

No mat­ter where you are in Co­logne: Turn on the prox­im­ity search and dis­cov­er mu­sic spots around you on your own hook.

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Band Erdmöbel geben Konzert über den Dächern Köln, © KölnTourismus Axel Schulten

Travelogue Sound of Co­logne

Read about how one thing lead to an­oth­er with Can, BAP, Mouse on Mars and many more prot­ag­on­ists of Co­logne's mu­sic scene from the past un­til the present.

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Illustration Cologne Cathedral, © Saskia Wragge