Die Schildergasse in Köln, bei der Shoppingmeile, © KölnTourismus GmbH / Andreas Möltgen

Shop­ping in Co­logne's Schilder­gasse

Where once the Ro­mans marched is now the busiest shop­ping street in Ger­many

Shop where Ro­mans once marched: the Schilder­gasse is not only Ger­many’s most vis­ited shop­ping street, it is also the second old­est street in Co­logne.

Roman legions once marched where today shopping tourists from around the world stroll down the cobbled streets: in ancient times the Schildergasse and Hohe Straße were the central axes of the Roman “Colonia”. Today they are the most popular shopping streets in Cologne’s city centre. What's more, the Schildergasse is the second-oldest street in Cologne and once formed the beginning of a trade route leading to the centre of Gaul. It is 534 metres long and, together with Hohe Straße (High Street), forms the main pedestrian area in North Rhine-Westphalia's largest city.

1.4 million visitors per month

In January 2023, around 1.4 million passers-by were counted in Cologne's Schildergasse. This makes Cologne's Schildergasse one of the most popular shopping streets in Germany.

Largest department store in cologne

Galeria Kaufhof’s flagship store is located at the crossroads between the Schildergasse and Hohe Straße: it is the cathedral city’s largest department store and the second largest in Germany. Another building on the Schildergasse building that stands out in particular on account of its architecture is the Weltstadthaus, which was designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano and now houses a fashion chain.

Nearby Ehrenstraße, which is particularly popular with younger visitors, was never trodden by Roman legionaries, although it was walked by “ladies of the night” up until the 1960s. Then came the artists – and eventually funky fashion. Today, trendy boutiques alternate with street cafés and fashion stores. Anyone interested in a touch more luxury can take a detour to nearby Mittelstraße.


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Die Schildergasse in Köln, bei der Shoppingmeile, © KölnTourismus GmbH / Andreas Möltgen
Beginn der Schildergasse, © KölnTourismus GmbH
Ansicht auf das Einkaufszentrum, © KölnTourismus GmbH / Andreas Möltgen
Köln, Dom, Außenbau, Dachbereich, Innenraum mit Schwerpunkt Fußboden und Fußbodenmosaik, © Johannes Höhn

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