Eingang am Limbecker Platz, © Hanjo Schumacher

Shop­ping at Lim­beck­er Platz in Es­sen

The shop­ping centre in the heart of Es­sen

Those who are crazy about shop­ping in the Ruhr Area can shop com­fort­ably at Lim­beck­er Platz, right in the heart of the city of Es­sen.

Essen has been home to one of the largest inner-city shopping centres in Germany since it was opened in 2009: Limbecker Platz has more than 200 shops covering 70,000 square metres of retail space over three-and-a-half levels and offering a unique range of shopping opportunities. Now the main commercial area in Essen city centre, the display window alone of Limbecker Platz is three kilometres long.

However, it is not just the shopping that draws an average of 60,000 visitors a day – the culinary and cultural offerings are equally tempting to both tourists and locals. Guests can treat themselves to regional or international specialities in a gourmet lounge and combine a shopping trip with a variety of events including concerts, fashion shows, art and cultural events, car shows and sporting events.


Opening hours:
Monday - Saturday: 10 am - 8 pm


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Eingang am Limbecker Platz, © Hanjo Schumacher
Limbecker Platz im Frühling, © Peter Wieler, EMG

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