Illustration Rheinturm, © Saskia Wragge

The sound of Düs­sel­dorf

Everything back to NEU! In the city with the Kunstakademie

Take the Autobahn to get to Düsseldorf. Kraftwerk’s Autobahn. There is no faster way to dive deep into Düsseldorf’s 70s and 80s than Techno, New Wave and Punk. Which turned the city into one sweaty, bizarre, magnificient concert. NEU! – the favorite band and inspiration for legends such as Blur, Radiohead and David Bowie, resulted from Kraftwerk, one of the brightest stars in the German musical sky. The Krupps and die Toten Hosen came together here as well: The hearts of the punk fans beat faster even today when the name Düsseldorf is mentioned. The mainstay oft he scenes ist he Kunstakademie. The „Salon des Amateurs“ goes back to the former student and Kreidler member Detlef Weinrich, whose second name is furore.

To start the pop musical tour through Düsseldorf, choose the Pop Trail. It will guide you to carefully chosen spots in Düsseldorf. If you would rather browse around and explore the pop pilgrimage sites around you, choose the Proximity Search. The Travelogue will give you a detailed description in written and audio form on what has changed in the city with regard to rock and pop music in past decades.

Sound of Düs­sel­dorf

Sound of #urb­a­nana

Elektro Müllers sign, © Andreas Schiko


To wander from top­ic to top­ic in Düs­sel­dorf means: from Punk to New Wave to Krautrock and Min­im­al.

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Open Source Festival, © Sebastian Wolf

Prox­im­ity Search

No mat­ter where you are in Düs­sel­dorf: Turn on the prox­im­ity search and dis­cov­er mu­sic spots around you on your own hook.

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New Fall Festival Tonhalle, © Andreas Schiko


Read about how one thing lead to an­oth­er with Kraft­werk, NEU!, die Toten Hosen and many more prot­ag­on­ists of Düs­sel­dor­f's mu­sic scene from the past un­til the present.

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Illustration Rheinturm, © Saskia Wragge