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Listen, Baby!

A feast for the eyes and ears, a mat­ter of the heart

The triad of seeing, hearing and feeling makes going to concerts in NRW an unforgettable experience. In the shadow of an extinguished blast furnace, where machines once clattered and rattled and worked tirelessly, celebrated pianists now make sparks fly. With a string quartet at the world heritage palace, Baroque music and architecture blend together to form a synthesis of the arts and a pop concert under a starry sky in a former planetarium ensures feelings of elation with no end in sight. Listen and marvel, because nowhere is it better than in North Rhine-Westphalia! 

Missed a concert? No problem! Even if the last notes have rung out, the special concert venues at the palace, cathedral, smelting works or cave exude an alluring magic; you will feel it! Listen to your feelings!