Organ in Altenberg Cathedral, © Johannes Höhn
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Beeth­oven’s 9th sym­phony at the Ber­gisch cathed­ral

Light, easy and in bright light

And suddenly the Altenberg cathedral goes quiet. Daylight is streaming through the gothic west-window, the biggest leaded window north of the alps, and lets the former abbey church shine bright. The strings let Beethoven’s 9th symphony sound, enough to warm your heart. How lucky the Cistercian monks once chose this idyllic river valley to build their monastery – and that here, today, like every year, top-class musicians play at the Altenberger Kultursommer. The concert at the cathedral is part of a diverse programme taking place at different spots along the Dhünn, including pop-concerts, readings and cabaret shows. No matter whether you’re in the brightly lit cathedral or enjoy the beautiful sunshine at castle Strauweiler: The series of events invites you to a ravishing cultural experience in the Bergische – right between heaven and earth.

The gate to the Bergisches Land

Odenthal with its idyllic valleys with splashing brooks, green hills, and bright sunlight peeking through the treetops forms the gate to the Bergisches Land. Various hiking and cycle paths combine nature with culture while telling of times long ago. Among them are the Mühlenroute, leading through valleys with brooks to a multitude of mill sites, or the Hexenroute past old witches’ dancing places and a fairy-tale forest. Historical eye-catchers can be discovered on a stroll through the historical old towns of Odenthal and Altenberg as well. Visitors may be caught up in the charisma of the Bergisches Land in perfect quietude here.

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  • The Altenberg Cathedral in Odenthal-Altenberg, © Johannes Höhn
    The Altenberg Cathedral in Odenthal, © Johannes Höhn
    Kassette GB, © Johannes Höhn
  • View of Maria sculpture in Altenberg Cathedral, © Johannes Höhn
Rows of benches in Altenberg Cathedral, © Johannes Höhn
    Ceiling view of Altenberg Cathedral, © Johannes Höhn
University of Music in Detmold, © Johannes Höhn
    En­thu­si­ast­ic in the Uni­ver­sity of Mu­sic in Det­mold
  • Gronau rock'n'popmuseum entrance, © Johannes Höhn
    Nos­tal­gic at the rock’n’pop­mu­seum
Illuminations in the Balver cave in the Sauerland, © Johannes Höhn
    En­chanted in the Balve Cave
  • Beethoven monument "Münsterplatz Bonn", © Johannes Höhn
    Moved at the Beeth­oven House
  • Landscape Park Duisburg, Ruhrgebiet, © Johannes Höhn
    En­er­get­ic at the Land­scape Park Duis­burg
  • View into the Mendelsohn hal from the Tonhalle Düsseldorf, © Johannes Höhn
    Eu­phor­ic at Ton­halle Düs­sel­dorf
  • Exhibition hall in the Waldfrieden sculpture park, © Johannes Höhn
    Amazed by Wald­frieden Sculp­ture Park
  • Haldern Pop Bar in Rees am Niederrhein, © Johannes Höhn
    Cheer­ful at Haldern Pop Bar
Baroque staircase from Augustusburg Palace, © Johannes Höhn
    Over­wehlmed at Au­gus­tus­burg Palace
  • View of the control panel in the Jugendstil-Wasserkraftwerk Heimbach, © Johannes Höhn
    Ec­stat­ic at the Heim­bach power plant
  • Berleburg Palace in Bad Berleburg, © Johannes Höhn
    En­nobled at Ber­le­burg Palace
  • Köln, Dom, Außenbau, Dachbereich, Innenraum mit Schwerpunkt Fußboden und Fußbodenmosaik, © Johannes Höhn
    Im­pressed by Co­logne Cathed­ral
  • Beverage bar in the Salon des Amateurs in Düsseldorf, © Johannes Höhn
    Chilled at Salon des Am­a­teurs in Düs­sel­dorf