Landscape Park Duisburg, Ruhrgebiet, © Johannes Höhn
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Mu­sic­al en­ergy by the fur­nace

Ruhr Pi­ano Fest­iv­al at the Duis­burg smelt­ing works

The Ruhr Piano Festival, which inspires the entire region every year, is also a guest at Landscape Park Duisburg Nord. Where once machines tirelessly worked, clattered and crashed, only virtuoso melodies are now to be heard. The former blasting hall is transformed into a concert hall. Between the enormous machines that used to generate the furnace blast needed to smelt iron ore, only pianists generate energy now. The site of the former steelworks makes the power of sound tangible. Fingers fly over the keys of the bright red piano, which is the symbol of the renowned festival. Keystrokes resound through the space. The musical furnace heats up. It’s getting hot!

A visit with highs and lows

Even after the piano has been removed, an energy continues to flow in the areal with its various industrial buildings: Climbing tours on the high wire course in the furnace, or the former ore deposit bunker ensure exhilaration. In a flooded gasometer, the largest indoor scuba diving pool in Europe, wrecks wait to be discovered by brave divers at a depth of 13 metres. The undisputed highpoint of a visit is the view from the top platform of Furnace 5, which is accessible around the clock: This offers a panoramic view from a height of 70 metres that will melt hearts. 

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  • Landscape Park Duisburg in the Ruhrgebiet, © Johannes Höhn
    Landscape Park Duisburg Nord, © Johannes Höhn
    Landscape Park Duisburg cooling plant, © Johannes Höhn
  • Landscape Park Duisburg in the Ruhrgebiet., © Johannes Höhn
    Today a theater hall for concerts in the Duisburg-Nord landscape park, © Johannes Höhn
    Landscape Park Duisburg with illumination, © Johannes Höhn
  • Beethoven monument "Münsterplatz Bonn", © Johannes Höhn
    Moved at the Beeth­oven House
Illuminations in the Balver cave in the Sauerland, © Johannes Höhn
    En­chanted in the Balve Cave
  • Haldern Pop Bar in Rees am Niederrhein, © Johannes Höhn
    Cheer­ful at Haldern Pop Bar
  • Gronau rock'n'popmuseum entrance, © Johannes Höhn
    Nos­tal­gic at the rock’n’pop­mu­seum
  • View into the Mendelsohn hal from the Tonhalle Düsseldorf, © Johannes Höhn
    Eu­phor­ic at Ton­halle Düs­sel­dorf
Baroque staircase from Augustusburg Palace, © Johannes Höhn
    Over­wehlmed at Au­gus­tus­burg Palace
University of Music in Detmold, © Johannes Höhn
    En­thu­si­ast­ic in the Uni­ver­sity of Mu­sic in Det­mold
  • Organ in Altenberg Cathedral, © Johannes Höhn
    En­rap­tured by Al­ten­berg Cath­d­ral
  • View of the control panel in the Jugendstil-Wasserkraftwerk Heimbach, © Johannes Höhn
    Ec­stat­ic at the Heim­bach power plant
  • Berleburg Palace in Bad Berleburg, © Johannes Höhn
    En­nobled at Ber­le­burg Palace
  • Exhibition hall in the Waldfrieden sculpture park, © Johannes Höhn
    Amazed by Wald­frieden Sculp­ture Park
  • Köln, Dom, Außenbau, Dachbereich, Innenraum mit Schwerpunkt Fußboden und Fußbodenmosaik, © Johannes Höhn
    Im­pressed by Co­logne Cathed­ral
  • Beverage bar in the Salon des Amateurs in Düsseldorf, © Johannes Höhn
    Chilled at Salon des Am­a­teurs in Düs­sel­dorf