University of Music in Detmold, © Johannes Höhn
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The joy of play­ing in the aud­it­or­i­um

A wealth of con­certs in the uni­ver­sity city of Det­mold

Summer in Detmold. Small groups of young students sit on the lawn in the palace garden. They study notes. Read. Laugh. The atmosphere is relaxed, instruments can be heard from many of the rooms around the University of Music. Classical piano music. Jazz. Singing. All jumbled together. A refreshing cacophony. Young men and women from 56 nations study on the outskirts of this charming city for their careers as musicians, singers and composers. They have found their profession. The polyphony of the day becomes harmonious again by night. Then the students show what they are passionate about. In the university orchestra, bands and choirs and in the public examination prelude. Around 400 concerts can be experienced here per year. Often in the concert hall, where the wave-field synthesis provides unique acoustics. In Detmold, the enthusiasm for music is particularly infectious.

Historical town core and endless hiking routes

The cultural town in the Teutoburg Forest raises enthusiasm in visitors even outside of the university of music. The historical town core with its 700 building monuments and a marketplace at its centre is great for taking a stroll. All around the town, endless hiking paths through the nature park Teutoburger/Ebbegebirge are waiting for guests. Hikers on the Hermannsweg and the Eggeweg leading across the Mittelgebirge will be rewarded with unique vistas, e.g. from the Hermann’s monument, high up on Grotenburg mountain. The Externsteine rock formation, likely the best-known natural beauty in the region, offers amazing views as well at a height of up to 40 metres, and has inspired visitors for generations.

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  • Palaisgarten , © Johannes Höhn
    Organ in the concert hall of the University of Music in Detmold, © Johannes Höhn
    Concert hall with musical instrument, © Johannes Höhn
  • Rose bushes in front of the concert hall of the University of Music in Detmold, © Johannes Höhn
    Sculpture in front of the concert hall of the Detmold University of Music, © Johannes Höhn
    Garden of the University of Music in Detmold, © Johannes Höhn
  • View into the Mendelsohn hal from the Tonhalle Düsseldorf, © Johannes Höhn
    Eu­phor­ic at Ton­halle Düs­sel­dorf
  • Gronau rock'n'popmuseum entrance, © Johannes Höhn
    Nos­tal­gic at the rock’n’pop­mu­seum
  • Landscape Park Duisburg, Ruhrgebiet, © Johannes Höhn
    En­er­get­ic at the Land­scape Park Duis­burg
  • Haldern Pop Bar in Rees am Niederrhein, © Johannes Höhn
    Cheer­ful at Haldern Pop Bar
Baroque staircase from Augustusburg Palace, © Johannes Höhn
    Over­wehlmed at Au­gus­tus­burg Palace
  • Beethoven monument "Münsterplatz Bonn", © Johannes Höhn
    Moved at the Beeth­oven House
Illuminations in the Balver cave in the Sauerland, © Johannes Höhn
    En­chanted in the Balve Cave
  • View of the control panel in the Jugendstil-Wasserkraftwerk Heimbach, © Johannes Höhn
    Ec­stat­ic at the Heim­bach power plant
  • Köln, Dom, Außenbau, Dachbereich, Innenraum mit Schwerpunkt Fußboden und Fußbodenmosaik, © Johannes Höhn
    Im­pressed by Co­logne Cathed­ral
  • Exhibition hall in the Waldfrieden sculpture park, © Johannes Höhn
    Amazed by Wald­frieden Sculp­ture Park
  • Organ in Altenberg Cathedral, © Johannes Höhn
    En­rap­tured by Al­ten­berg Cath­d­ral
  • Berleburg Palace in Bad Berleburg, © Johannes Höhn
    En­nobled at Ber­le­burg Palace
  • Beverage bar in the Salon des Amateurs in Düsseldorf, © Johannes Höhn
    Chilled at Salon des Am­a­teurs in Düs­sel­dorf