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Her­mann Trail

One of Ger­many’s most beau­ti­ful high-alti­tude trails

With a series of won­der­ful views, the Her­mannsweg (Her­mann Trail) is rightly re­garded as one of Ger­many’s most beau­ti­ful high-alti­tude trails.

The 156-kilometre Hermannsweg (Hermann Trail) is one of Germany’s most beautiful high-altitude trails. It runs along the ridge of the Teutoburg Forest through the TERRA.vita and Teutoburg Forest/Egge Hills nature parks. The trail takes its name from Arminius of the Cherusci (known as “Hermann” in German), who defeated the Roman general Varus and his troops in 9 AD.

Beginning in Rheine in Münsterland, the trail heads to Horn-Bad Meinberg, where it ends at the impressive Lippe Velmerstot rock formation.

One of the many sights along the way is the Hermannsdenkmal (Hermann Monument), which commemorates the Cherusci chieftain’s victory over the Romans. Others include the Dörenther Klippen (Dörenthe Cliffs), the Externsteine sandstone pillars, Sparrenberg Castle in Bielefeld and the Adlerwarte Berlebeck falconry. Adding to the diversity of the route are castles and monasteries, museums and historic town centres like Tecklenburg.

With a ridge dissected by many valleys, hikers need to be fit to tackle the Hermann Trail. However, there are a series of panoramic views of the region. The German Hiking Association (DWV) has awarded the route the “Qualitätsweg Wanderbares Deutschland” seal of quality. Along with the Eggeweg (Egge Trail) it forms the Hermannshöhen (Hermann Heights) trail.

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