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Ber­gisch Wan­der­ings

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Forest myths, half-timbered houses and Hein­rich Böll: the Ber­gis­che Streifzüge (Ber­gisch Wan­der­ings) trails of­fer 24 half- and full-day themed tours.

The Bergische Streifzüge (Bergish Wanderings) promise hikers a chance to experience nature and dive deep into the history of Bergisches Land. Hikers can choose between 24 half- and full-day tours with routes ranging between 4 and 16 kilometres. Each route focuses on a different history, nature, literature or technology theme related to Bergisches Land.

For example, there is the Bergischer Fuhrmannsweg (Bergisch Carter’s Way), which follows the path of the carters who transported crops, pig iron or even dangerous gunpowder along the region’s bumpy tracks a hundred years ago. The Steinhauerpfad (Quarryman’s Path) in Lindlar leads hikers through the region’s quarries, following in the footsteps of the people who mined and processed the stone over the course of centuries. In less than ten kilometres on the Bensberger Schlossweg (Bernsberg Castle Trail) there are four entirely different castles, palaces and other stately buildings to be discovered. The Rösrath Bergbauweg (Rösrath Mining Trail) offers hikers an insight into the 2,000-year history of mining in the region

Learn about legendary forest dwellers

The Fachwerkweg (Half-Timbered House Trail”) in Ruppichterroth also offers a journey back through time. Here, hikers will discover how this type of building was made from timber, wattle and daub and learn some interesting facts about the history of notable half-timbered houses and the sayings above their doorways. The Waldmythenweg (Forest Legend Trail) whisks walkers away to the world of legendary forest dwellers such as goblins, fairies and wicked wolves. Those following this trail will also discover how gnomes found their way into German gardens.

For literature and history enthusiasts, the Böllweg (Böll Trail) in Much is worth a visit. It offers lots of information about the Cologne writer Heinrich Böll’s time in Bergisches Land. During the turmoil of World War II, he and his wife sought refuge in the region. The route indicates places that were vital to the couple’s survival between 1944 and 1946, and offers an insight into the relationship between locals and the refugees they gave shelter to at the time.

All the Streifzüge trails offer information boards and experience stations for hikers. To ensure that there is also plenty of fun to be had for children, six special family trails have been developed, where children are guided by the famous mouse from the TV cartoon “Die Sendung mit der Maus”.

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