The sound of #urbanana, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

The sound of #urb­a­nana

pop­music­al for­ays through NRW

Düsseldorf is making history as electro eldorado, in which Kraftwerk built its Autobahn and eyeballed beautiful models. Cologne, on the other hand, is notorious for the birthplace of Krautrock, after Karlheinz Stockhausen’s „Kölner Kurse für neue Musik“ inspired Can. Until today, the city is a magnet for pop music fetisthists from all over the world and home to the minimalist „Sound of Cologne“. And did you know, that the famous 99 Luftballons rose into the air for the first time ever in the Ruhr Area? Nena, from the Ruhr Area city Hagen, set the Neue Deutsche Welle in motion.

With the Sound of #urbanana, we pave the way to a pop historical tour through the Ruhr Area, Düsseldorf and Cologne. Follow each "Pop Trail“ with your phone in your hand to various clubs, bars and concert locations steeped in history along the tour. Or switch to the proximity search, which shows you all the music spots in the city center, even record stores. If you feel like reading the stories about the musicland of NRW, find a cosy place to sit. The travelogues lead you through a journey of a cumulated program of the last decades in Cologne, Düsseldorf and the Ruhr Area.

Three times the Sound of urb­a­nana

This is how Co­logne, Düs­sel­dorf and the Ruhr Area sound like

Illustration Cologne Cathedral, © Saskia Wragge

Sound of Co­logne

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Illustration Rheinturm, © Saskia Wragge

Sound of Düs­sel­dorf

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Illustration Zeche Zollverein, © Saskia Wragge

Sound of Ruhr Area

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